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Jones Advisory Group

Comfort in your financial future

Concerned About Protecting Your Retirement Income & Wealth in Today's Economy?

Jones Advisory Group is an independent firm based out of Topeka & Overland Park, Kansas, dedicated to serving the

increasing demands facing retirees today.

You have worked hard your entire life to get to your vision of retirement. Now, the financial obstacles are quickly evolving; the lack of company pensions, uncertainty of the market and the future of Social Security are up against rising taxes, healthcare costs, inflation, and increasing longevity.

The good news is you do not have to go it alone. Rather than trying to time your life to the market, we can take control by building plans to fit your timeline. Through our extensive planning and partnerships, we can help leverage your hard-earned lifesavings to reach your financial goals in a manner that is tax and fee-efficient, fully transparent and risk appropriate.

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